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  • Interested in helping to solve the indoor air problem?
    Join us and we will give you the tools to help yourself, your family, your friends, your pets and others who are in need. The rewards are fantastic when you see others receiving relief from their ailments caused by poor indoor air quality.

  • Want to create income for yourself and your family?
    As an Independent Certified Associate (ICA), you can earn retail profits as well as overrides froma 2-Tier Associate Program. Contact Wyzaire for more details and an ICA to sponsor you if you don't already know an ICA.

How to Become an ICA

Becoming an ICA is simple and rewarding. Contact the ICA that introduced you to Wyzaire. If you do not know an ICA, just contact us to start the process. Wyzaire will put you in touch with a current ICA so you can become one too!

Frequently Askes Questions about becoming an ICA

Q1.      How do I become an Independent Certified Associate (ICA)?
Meet with your referring ICA to gain basic information. Once comfortable, your referring ICA will help you fill out the ICA Application, ICA Agreement and IRS Form W9. Read and sign the ICA Agreement, make ICA application payment, take the ICA Certification Course (a 6-module online course) and pass the ICA Certification Exam.
Q2.      Are ICAs employees of Wyzaire?
No. All ICAs are independent contractors and not employees. You will be paid as an independent contractor and earnings will be reported to IRS on Form 1099.
Q3.      Is this a Multi-Level program?
No. It is a 2-Tier Associate Program. In the first tier, the ICA is a Sales Recruiter. In the second Tier, the ICA becomes a Sales Facilitator.
Q4.      Will Wyzaire support my efforts?
Yes. You will receive support through the ICA certification program, with marketing literature and sales tools, and via phone call and conference call support.
Q5.      If I find a large corporate or commercial customer that has needs that I am not familiar with, will Wyzaire support me?
Yes. Wyzaire will provide support for special corporate sales that require specialty, unique or customized products.