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Wyzaire's air purifier, PURVEN 3000 has been successful in adapting the technology to several industries. Our manufacturer has a 25-year history of developing oxidation benefits and delivering innovative purification technologies. PURVEN 3000 has been granted a 50-year license of this PCO technology. Primary applications have been to address indoor air pollutants; see below for more details. PURVEN 3000 PCO technology works by creating friendly molecules; this occurs when a special UV light shines on the mineral and metal coating on our PCO cell; the friendly molecules move by a push technology into the indoor air and deactivate the indoor air contaminants.

Imagine a product which can deactivate viruses, bacteria, mold spores, swine flu, harmful chemicals, VOCs and gases out of the air before the harmful agents can be inhaled. Thanks to PURVEN 3000's indoor air purification system, what was once only science-fiction is now a reality using Technology Just Beyond Your Imagination™ This is not about the diagnostics of symptoms, remedies, pharmaceuticals, or invasive chemicals. Rather, the PURVEN 3000 allows your lungs to breathe in pure air, allowing for the revitalization of our respiratory, immune and neurological systems.

The PCO technology that the PURVEN 3000 uses has been tested and shown to:

  • Reduce Surface and Airborne Bacteria and Viruses by more than 96.4%
  • Reduce H1N1, E. coli, Strep and Staph (including MRSA) by 99%

Entities that have tested the PCO technology that the Purven 3000 uses include: NASA; U.S. Centers for Disease Control; five countries; fifteen universities and numerous independent labs.

PURVEN 3000 uses an adapted trade secret proprietary Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) process to business and home use. Originally developed by NASA, PCO was created to purify clean working environments better than any existing purification technology.

Indoor air purification is of high concern to the WHO, EPA and other medical watch organizations and PURVEN's PCO technologies are on the leading edge of dealing with this issue. Our purpose is to bring existing technology to new markets.

Wyzaire has a number of additional products available for cleaning industrial spaces and cleaning flue discharges. Contact Wyzaire if you have any special needs.





Healthy Home Devices

Wyzaire's Healthy Home Devices will bring a family of Trace Level Carbon Monoxide sensors to market in the Fall of 2017 for residential and commercial applications.

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